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I love all things escapist. Fantasy, scifi, alternate reality. Reading, movies, games. Drawing, painting, CG.

I work days as a web developer/designer for a large educational site.


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Nemesis iray surfaces by shaungsimpson
Nemesis iray surfaces
Need to work on the glass. Maybe need to turn on caustics. No lights at all in scene, just lit with an HDRI. I've got to say the default iRay shaders are pretty amazing for out of the box.
Test Render Lavaplanet by shaungsimpson
Test Render Lavaplanet
Just trying to understand how to work with iRay in a proper scene. Really happy with this even if it was a test. 

I still need to figure out the quality settings so I can get rid of all the little grainy bits. I suspect that was just a matter of adjusting the max render time. and letting it go.

Quite a few emissive surfaces lighting this scene. most are part of the scene props with a plane converted to emissive to better light the actor behind and above the camera. This works much better than the camera headlight, imo.

Most importantly this test was to see mainly how lighting the scene with the lava surface would work, and how well the blue lights would work converted to emissives, since they are technically just two intersecting planes with textures and opacity. This also means the old light saber cores from the various free lightsaber props should also work well converted to iRay emissives, although I will still probably use the shaped core I made in Hexagon.
Mysh-iray-bloom-test-2 by shaungsimpson
Tweaked the bloom settings to make the core less obscured. BTW the bloom filter threshold is set at 50k., that completely prevents the bloom from masking out the core. I also had to drop the luminance on the core surface settings from 850 kcd/m^2 to 350 850 kcd/m^2. this doesn't provide as much light as I would like though so more tweaking to get the balance is needed.
Mysh-iray-bloom-test-1 by shaungsimpson
After a tip from a friend, I found the bloom settings in the filtering tab under render settings for iRay. I'm not 100% happy with the results, but this was after a very brief play around. More experimentation is definitely needed. For now Photoshop will probably give me favourable results.

I've attached the settings used for this image. Initial settings were way to high with the glow easily twice as thick as here and you lost the core altogether. I am however very happy with the colour gradient. I also suspect that the bloom effect was probably so strong due to the very high luminance value on the cores as well. Possibly a combination of higher bloom values and lower luminance will get me what I am after.    
Mysh getting started with iRay by shaungsimpson
Mysh getting started with iRay
Unedited render in iRay. Haven't done much except change surfaces to iRay shaders and put a few emitters in. There is a mesh light off in the distance up and to the left.

Might need to tweak the settings and I definitely have to get a default iray skin shader setup, but pretty happy with progress so far. BTW relearning lighting from scratch for iRay is a massive learning curve
lightsaber-iRay-tests by shaungsimpson
OK. So I have finally upgraded my rig, I have new faster and more ram, a better CPU (still not an i7, but the 8350 is def better than the 4300!) and most importantly a shiny new nVidia card! So obviously I have been benchtesting games and playing with iRay in Daz3d :D

Naturally the first thing I want to get sorted is lightsabers. Playing around with emissives was slow to start, but I found you can light your whole scene just with emissives and of course now we can easily make lightsabers that actually emit light!

Here is a scene that I started to hit the right values with. It took a bit of playing, but this seems about right.

The only light in the scene is from the saber itself and a primitive plane with the iRay emissive shader. Values are shown in the images below the render.
Riven DOF experiment by shaungsimpson
Riven DOF experiment
Playing around with very intense depth of field values to see how they go, as well as seeing how lighting works in strong DOF render BGs.

Also using some stuff from my content that I haven't really played with much.
Searching The Old City by shaungsimpson
Searching The Old City
Just playing around with Daz since it's been a while since I made anything that resembled a full scene. Was trying to match a palette (blue with orange-yellow highlights) also seems to have worked well with the HDRI image I used. Only real thing that bothers me is that I forgot to amp up the skin and instead left it as default.    

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